Exploring the principles of evolutionary biology, self-awareness, empathy, and creativity and, along the way, hoping to inspire others to play an active role in nature preservations.

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2024-07-11 Fixed error of canonical link tag in
2024-06-13 Added in a link to Obsidian as CMS page.
2024-06-10 Updated robots.txt because of issue with Obsidian pdf. Removed disallow on assets.
2024-05-31 Added robots noindex, nofollow to 404 page in and
2024-04-26 Removed date of photo large banner bc it is used by google to date an article in SERP.
2024-04-24 Added adsense ads back to
2024-02-24 Minor update to design 100% Lighthouse performance!
2024-02-04 Moved article “Obsidian as CMS” over to
2024-02-04 Reorganized articles in section.
2024-01-12 Removed all content from simaec.NET. The emergence of ChatGPT rendered it obsolete.
2023-12-27 Videos in extended from 6s to 30s play on page load.
2023-12-26 Migrating to “Obsidian as CMS”.
2023-12-25 Reorganized dropping, park section, photos and videos.
2023-12-24 Finalized migration of to ChatGPT translations.
2023-12-12 Add English park descriptions to
2023-12-10 New format species page in
2023-07-04 Removed embedded multiple videos in Just featured video now.
2023-07-03 Restructuring of species page in and finalized.
2023-06-18 Updated species page in Now with focus on photography
2023-06-05 Started to add lead video to species page
2023-06-05 Switching embedded YT videos from no cookie to API version
2023-05-03 Starting to replace all thumbnails of videos with edited stills from the video
2023-05-02 All videos are now Video Language not applicable / Streams Video Language English
2023-05-01 Added emojis to the head title of a selected number of articles in
2023-02-23 Fixed an issue with IMGIX robots.txt having been incorrect
2023-02-11 Updated parks pages in Added info about author, last mod, expertise
2023-01-18 Changed titles and descriptions of all stream videos about parks (6)
2023-01-18 Added embedded Stream Video to a selection of parks
2023-01-06 Started to use OpenAI for inspirations
2022-09-21 Dropped bot instructions from html head in all park pages
2022-09-18 Added maps and photography tips to park pages in
2022-09-02 Updated SN GatsbyJS article, curious how long it takes to escape “Crawled - currently not indexed” container
2022-09-01 Dropped Fauna Flora section from and replaced with a limited list of species with focus on photography and video recording
2022-08-20 Fauna Flora Photography. Removed all pages of species not yet completed. Remaining 645 pages
2022-08-17 Added hreflang meta link tag with